Welcome to the Fall Parade of Homes

What are the dates & hours of the Sioux Empire Parade of Homes?

September 9th - 10th and 16th - 17th, 2023 Homes are open to tour 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM each day.

Tour newly constructed homes. 

The Fall Parade of Homes presented by the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire is your chance to visit newly constructed homes in the Sioux Empire Area. The event allows builder members to show off their work while allowing the public to meet the builders firsthand and view area home trends. 

What does it cost to tour homes? 

Homes do not require a ticket or have a cost associated with them. The only exception are the three feature homes that are on the parade route this year. These homes 1, 2, and 3 are highlighted in green on the maps that you can find online, in the Home Ideas Magazine and on the Sioux Empire HBA Guide App. These homes require a $5 donation per home via cash or check upon entrance (Kids 12 and under are free). 

What is a Featured Home? 

Feature Homes are higher end custom homes that have been selected by a committee that show case special features and upgrades that make these homes notable. For the 2023 Fall Parade of Homes, we are excited to roll out three feature homes. The first on is #1 on the map built by 1JHomes. The second one is #2 on the map built by Rallis Construction, and last but not least is #3 on the map built by Top Construction. These homes will offer a unique tour experience with a wish list for your dream home. The proceeds from the admission to tour these feature homes will benefit the Home Builders Care Foundation.

The Home Builders Care Foundation supports industry related programs such as scholarships, workforce development grants for area schools, a construction camp for middle school students and the annual “Repair Affair” program to name a few. 

How do I plan which homes I want to visit? 

It is best to map out the homes you wish to tour before heading out. You can plan your route by looking at the maps and homes in this issue of Home Ideas Magazine.  Or you can download the new Sioux Empire HBA Guide App. This new interactive tool will allow users to browse photo galleries and floor plans, filter homes that meet their desired criteria, and map their route to their favorite homes all at your fingertips. This app will make it easier for us to connect you to the homes that are on your wish list to tour.  

Do I have to tour homes in a certain order? 

No! You are welcome to begin at any home on the event you choose.  You do not need to visit the homes in numerical order, homes are simply numbered to help locate them on the map and don’t indicate a required order to follow.  

Is there signage that helps us locate the Parade Homes? 

Yes! You will see orange directional yard signs throughout the Sioux Empire during the event weekends that will help guide you navigate directly to each home. Homes will have orange string flag pennants in the front yard to signify the home is on the parade and open for the public to view.  

Are all homes open during the event? 

All homes are open during the event unless they are noted as closed. For the most up to date information view the Sioux Empire HBA Guide App for the most up to date information on all parade homes.  

Are the homes for sale? 

Some homes may be available to purchase, and others will have a new owner moving into them directly after the event. You can also find a For Sale label on the homes in this issue of Home Ideas Magazine that will indicate if the home is for sale. Sometimes homes sell during the parade and for the most up to date information on if a home is available, please visit the Sioux Empire HBA Guide App. However, you can always ask the builder upon entering the home if the home is available to purchase. If you’ve found your dream home but it’s already sold, visit with the builder as they’ll often be willing to build a similar home on a different lot.  

Can we view homes virtually?  

Not all homes can be viewed virtually but some homes are offering a virtual viewing option. You can view those homes by downloading the Sioux Empire HBA Guide App or 

What does the new Sioux Empire HBA Guide App do?  

The Sioux Empire HBA Guide App allows users to access all the information of the event with the click of a button. Stay up to date on news and events taking place during the parade so you don’t miss out on anything. Find the homes you want to tour, and then find out how to get there with ease, using the map location feature. Let the app do the work so you can focus on enjoying the homes! The app is available for iOS and Android devices or click the store links below.


Tips For Touring All Parade Homes:
  1. Wear shoes that can slide on and off with ease. Not all homes will offer a place to sit and remove your shoes.
  2. Wear clean socks to walk through each home. Builders may or may not provide shoe covers. NO BARE FEET!
  3. Be respectful of furniture, walls, and surfaces in all Parade Homes.
  4. NO Food or Drinks are allowed in any of the Parade Homes.
  5. Do Not bring strollers inside parade homes.
  6. NO restrooms are available in or around any of the Parade Homes. Plan your restroom breaks into your route.
  7. Please ask the Builders or staff working at the Parade Homes before taking photos.
  8. Parking can be an issue in certain neighborhoods, and you may be required to walk a distance to get to the Parade Home.
  9. No masks will be provided at the doors at any of the Parade Homes. Plan ahead if you would like to wear a mask.
  10. For the Fall Parade there is NO cost to get into any of the Parade Homes.
  11. Plan your route ahead of time! Download the Sioux Empire HBA Guide App to help navigate the parade and get the most updated information on parade homes.
  12. Ask questions!  This is your chance to get firsthand information from the experts. Say hi, ask away and Dream Big!
  13. For any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire at 605-361-8322.
  14. Visitors assume all risk while touring houses on the Parade.





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