Welcome to the Spring Parade of Homes

How should I plan my visits?

We recommend planning your home tours in advance. Homes are categorized by price levels and assigned area numbers. Customize your route by selecting the homes you wish to visit and utilize your phone's GPS with the Sioux Empire HBA Guide App to navigate to each location.

Is there a specific order for touring homes?

You're free to start at any home during the event, and there's no requirement to visit homes in numerical order. Homes are numbered based on their location but do not dictate a prescribed sequence.

Is there signage to help locate parade homes?

Absolutely! Orange directional yard signs will be provided to assist parade attendees in finding each residence. Furthermore, participating homes will display yard signs and orange flag pennants in their front yards, indicating their availability for public viewing.

What are the parade dates and times?

The parade takes place on May 11-12 & 18-19, with home tours available from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm each day.

Can homes be viewed virtually?

While not all homes offer virtual tours, some do. There are various ways to access virtual tours by either, visiting SIOUXEMPIREPARADEOFHOMES.COM, or downloading the Sioux Empire HBA Guide App.

Are all homes open during the event?

Unless otherwise specified as closed, all homes are open for viewing during the event. For the most recent information, please refer to SIOUXEMPIREPARADEOFHOMES.COM or the Sioux Empire HBA Guide App.

Is there signage that helps us locate the Parade Homes?

Yes! You will see orange directional yard signs throughout the Sioux Empire during the event weekends that will help guide you navigate directly to each home. Homes will have orange string flag pennants in the front yard to signify the home is on the parade and open for the public to view.

Are homes for sale?

Some homes may be available for purchase, while others may have already been sold or have new owners moving in after the event. Feel free to inquire with the builder upon visiting the home. If your dream home has already been sold, discuss the possibility of the builder constructing a similar home on a different lot.

What does the Sioux Empire HBA Guide App offer?

The Sioux Empire HBA Guide App offers comprehensive event information at your fingertips. This interactive tool allows users to browse photo galleries and floor plans, filter homes based on preferences, and map routes to desired homes. It facilitates connecting prospective home buyers with builders in the Sioux Empire and keeps users informed about news and events during the parade, while enhancing the overall experience. Simplify your journey and enjoy exploring the homes with this convenient app!

For more information and the current list of open homes to tour, please download the Parade of Homes app or visit SIOUXEMPIREPARADEOFHOMES.COM.


Tips For Touring All Parade Homes:
  1. Opt for shoes that can be easily slipped on and off, as not all homes provide seating for shoe removal.
  2. Please ensure you wear clean socks while touring each home. While some builders may provide shoe covers, others may not. Bare feet are not allowed. 
  3. Show respect for furniture, walls, and surfaces in all parade homes. 
  4. NO food or drinks are allowed inside any parade homes. 
  5. Strollers are NOT permitted inside parade homes. 
  6. Restroom facilities are NOT available inside or near parade homes, so plan your restroom breaks accordingly. 
  7. Obtain permission from builders or staff before taking photographs inside parade homes. 
  8. Parking may be limited in certain neighborhoods, and you may need to walk a distance to reach the parade home, so plan accordingly.  
  9. Admission to tour parade homes is complimentary. With the exception of the two Feature Homes which requires a $5 cash entry fee for each home per adult.  Please note that only cash payments will be accepted; credit cards, Venmo, or checks will not be accommodated. 
  10. Plan your route in advance! Utilize the Sioux Empire HBA Guide App for navigation and to access the latest information on parade homes, or visit SIOUXEMPIREPARADEOFHOMES.COM. 
  11. Don't hesitate to ask questions! Seize the opportunity to gather firsthand insights from industry experts. Be curious, engage, and be inspired! 
  12. Visitors assume all risks while touring parade homes. 
  13. For any inquiries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the Home Builders Association at (605) 361-8322. 






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